Ice Climbing

Group and individual lessons
    Ice Climbing
    Ice climbing is an exciting winter activity that should not be overlooked when in Chamonix. It is available for a relatively short period of the season: from December to early March.

    Ice climbing is often perceived as something difficult, and only accessible to advanced levels of mountaineering. But this is not the case at all.

    Give it a try!

    Thanks to a proper and personalized approach from your guide, you will see that it is, on the contrary, quite interesting, accessible even for beginners.
    The waterfalls that freeze for the winter offer something unique, sometimes unexplainable in their beauty, a creation of nature.

    Just as water becomes solid in winter, turning to ice, so your mountaineering skills are perfected when you go through the experience of climbing frozen waterfalls!
    Ice climbing classes can be held in one of three areas:
    - Chamonix Valley (Switzerland)
    - in the Cogne Valley (Italy)
    - in Switzerland

    These three areas offer some of the best ice climbing routes in this region of the Alps. You will be able to appreciate it!

    There are two places in the Chamonix valley that are particularly well suited for a first introduction to ice climbing. The approaches are short and not difficult.

    But perhaps our favorite ice climbing spot is the Cogne Valley in Italy.
    There are more than 130 routes of varying difficulty on some of the best cascades in the world.

    We are happy to organize both individual and group lessons for climbers of all levels - from beginners to advanced.

    Our qualified UIAGM mountain guides are experts in ice climbing and will be happy to share their experience with you.
    You'll acquire skills:
    • Equipment
      Familiarity with equipment and basic skills of its use during climbing
    • Safety techniques
      Training in insurance techniques
    • Rope team climbing
      Ability to move easily and freely on the ice as the second in a bundle at the 3-4 category level
    • First in a rope team
      Familiarity with the work of the first in a rope team
    for any level of complexity
    Any technical level and any physical fitness is welcome
    lodging in mountain huts
    Cost of overnight stays in mountain huts on request
    December - February

    Available May through November annually
    Cost for a group of two participants
    from 350 €
    per 1 participant
    Group of 2 participants
    Route of 3 difficulty categories
    from 450 €
    per 1 participant
    Group of 2 participants
    Route of 4 difficulty categories
    from 550 €
    per 1 participant
    Group of 2 participants
    Route of 5 difficulty categories
    from 650 €
    per 1 participant
    Group of 2 participants
    Route of 6 difficulty categories
    Cost of an individual lesson and climbing
    from 550 €
    Route of 3 difficulty categories
    from 600 €
    Route of 4 difficulty categories
    from 750 €
    Route of 5 difficulty categories
    from 900 €
    Route of 6 difficulty categories

    *Note that the daily rate increases depending on the length, difficulty of the route. Please contact us for rates for specific climbs or peaks.


    • climbing backpack (35-40 liters)
    • helmet - (for rent in Chamonix)
    • telescopic ski poles
    • ice hammers - 2 pcs (for rent in Chamonix)
    • crampons - (for rent in Chamonix)
    • climbing harness - (for rent in Chamonix)
    • mountaineering boots (with a rigid ridge for crampons) (for rent in Chamonix)

    • light down jacket
    • woolen or fleece hat
    • thermal underwear
    • warm socks
    • warm fleece pants
    • thin fleece jacket
    • thick fleece jacket
    • storm jacket with membrane
    • storm pants with membrane
    • thin fleece gloves - 1 pair
    • fleece or woolen mittens - 1 pair
    • thick fleece gloves - 1 pair

    • sunglasses
    • sunscreen
    • light tea thermos (0.7 - 1.0 liter)
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