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Rock climbing
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    Realize your goals with individual or group instruction with a UIAGM mountain guide

    Discover the best climbing routes on Chamonix's legendary granites and hone your climbing skills in the shadow of Mont Blanc. Chamonix is the mecca of climbing and mountaineering
    Chamonix's classic climbing routes along the south face of the Aiguille du Midi,
    Point Lachenal, Dent-du-Jean or Grand Capucine will take you to some of the most stunning places you've ever seen!

    The climbing courses in Chamonix and beyond are renowned for the high quality, variety and accessibility of their world-class granite walls, as well as the technical gneiss cracks and slabs of the Aiguille Rouge peaks. If ever there was a place to discover or improve your climbing skills, it is surely here in Chamonix!

    Chamonix is world renowned for its vast and varied set of climbing routes, predominantly granite, making it an unrivaled training ground for climbers of all levels.

    Guided climbing offers the benefits of individualized training and rapid progress; the program will be planned specifically for you so you can focus on your goals and achieve those goals, whatever they may be. If you are preparing for a specific expedition or challenge, we can design an itinerary that will ensure you are best prepared for success.

    The Chamonix Valley offers easily accessible routes in beautiful locations, ideal for beginners looking to take their first steps on short and relatively easy routes.
    We'll guide you from learning your first knot to insuring your partner on a multi-rope route, and you'll be ready to take on all the adventure that climbing promises!

    Experienced intermediate level climbers can dive into more challenging routes as they gain confidence and take their skills to the next level.

    Chamonix classics such as Nabot Leon on the Aiguille de Blaitière, Voie Rébuffat on the Eperon des Cosmiques, and the marvelous variety of the famous Envers des Aiguilles , will take your breath away when you stop at the top to admire the incredible views and appreciate what you've just climbed.

    Experienced climbers will have an unforgettable time tackling challenging technical routes such as Le Marchand de Sable or all 8 sections of La Contamine, in the company of our guides; excellent and passionate climbers who are committed to helping you empower yourself and realize your potential.

    From clean dihedral angles to cracks and smooth slabs, there is so much to see while climbing the perfect red granites of the Mont Blanc massif.

    Our highly trained and experienced mountain guides are all UIAGM qualified and selected by us for their excellent climbing skills, enthusiasm for teaching and thorough knowledge of the valley.

    Come and climb
    for any level of complexity
    Any technical level and any physical fitness is welcome
    from 490,00 €

    Minimum daily summer rate for a UIAGM mountain guide*
    lodging in mountain huts
    Cost of overnight stays in mountain huts on request

    Available May through November annually

    *Note that the daily rate increases depending on the length, difficulty of the route. Please contact us for rates for specific climbs or peaks.

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