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Валерий Бабанов

  Валерий Бабанов закончил Французскую школу гидов ENSA в Шамони.
  На сегодняшний день является единственным представителем из России, имеющим международный диплом Профессионального Гида UIAGM.
  С осени 2002 года входит в международную ассоциацию горных гидов.

Подробнее читайте в разделе «ГИД»...  

Предлагаемые услуги:

  • восхождения на вершины любой сложности и любой высоты;
  • организация и проведение экспедиций в Гималаи, Каракарум и другие горные районы;
  • ледолазание;
  • скалолазание;
  • горные лыжи;
  • каньонинг (спуск по водопадам).

Опыт работы гидом свыше 15 лет.

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We are more or less OK. Natalie and Olga study at school. Each of them does it in the own way.

About myself. July-August I worked in Chamonix as a guide. Since September I'm here in Canada. What do I do? Climbing, training. There is already ice here. Waterfalls are frizzing and come into the fantastic hundred meters icicles.

In cities there is still autumn, in mountains - already winter time. I climb most time with Rafael Slawinski. He knows here every corner. He is the best partner, very strong, very smart (he is a physicist professor, teaching at college). All the rest time he climbs in mountains, doesn't like indoor.

I should also constantly be in a good shape, training. I gain a new experience.

In November 3rd I will go to Banff Mountain Film festival. Probably I meet Carlos Buhler. There will be Alex Huber and Low as well. I will present slides. I hope meeting will be successful.

November 18-21 I will make slide-show in Poland at Festival.
All the winter I'm going to work as a guide in Chamonix.

Then, it is still unclear. Maybe Alaska, maybe Himalaya expedition. It depends.
I open my guide company in Canada: "Vertical Adventure Inc ". So I need to promote it.

That's all for now,
All the best


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