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Валерий Бабанов

  Валерий Бабанов закончил Французскую школу гидов ENSA в Шамони.
  На сегодняшний день является единственным представителем из России, имеющим международный диплом Профессионального Гида UIAGM.
  С осени 2002 года входит в международную ассоциацию горных гидов.

Подробнее читайте в разделе «ГИД»...  

Предлагаемые услуги:

  • восхождения на вершины любой сложности и любой высоты;
  • организация и проведение экспедиций в Гималаи, Каракарум и другие горные районы;
  • ледолазание;
  • скалолазание;
  • горные лыжи;
  • каньонинг (спуск по водопадам).

Опыт работы гидом свыше 15 лет.

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Ascents:Nuptse East. South-east pillar, Nepal. Spring 2003

We climbed the most difficult part of Tower



Today, April 14th, we are almost a month here. And all this time we have't come down to any village. All our life is spinning around the Mountain and base camp.

Yesterday we have come down. The weather was bad all 2 days we've been up there. But we were able to climb up almost till 6 400 m. We climbed the most difficult part of Tower, including pitches with A3-A4 grade. Rocks are still ahead but not much.

And all teh time we've been uo there, every day the weather sterted became worse closer to 11-12 a.m. And as you can imagine, at 6000 meters during the bad weather it is not very simple to work.

All the night today it's snowing in base camp. 10-15 sm of snow and during the day time is doesn't melt. And even now the clouds on the sky, but we do not dare, we have rest today.

That's all for now,

Valery and Vladimir

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