Mt. Kangtega, Nepal Himalaya, May 20-28, 2000




Route information

Solo ascent of Valery Babanov on Kangtega North Face (6,799m)

Kangtega N.Face
Photo: V.Babanov

First bivouac - 27.05.2000
Second bivouac - 28.05.2000
Descent - 29.05.2000 from the second bivouac because of the getting worse weather.


Nepal Himalayas, Mt. Kangtega, 6.799m

North Face. New route in solo style up to 6.600 meters height. Valery Babanov. Russia.

May 20-28, 2000

Difficulty: ED+(5C/6A, A2/A3, M6, 80?, 1.200m)

I wholeheartedly want to thank all who has given me help by equipment and assist in organising the expedition

  • "BASK", Moscow
  • "Gore-Tex", France
  • "Simond", France
  • "The North Face", Italy
  • "One Sport", France
  • "Beal", France
  • "Loubsol", France
  • "Montagnes magazine", France
  • My special thanks to my wife Olga Babanova
  • .

Babanov's route.
Photo: Valery Babanov

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