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Валерий Бабанов

  Валерий Бабанов закончил Французскую школу гидов ENSA в Шамони.
  На сегодняшний день является единственным представителем из России, имеющим международный диплом Профессионального Гида UIAGM.
  С осени 2002 года входит в международную ассоциацию горных гидов.

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Предлагаемые услуги:

  • восхождения на вершины любой сложности и любой высоты;
  • организация и проведение экспедиций в Гималаи, Каракарум и другие горные районы;
  • ледолазание;
  • скалолазание;
  • горные лыжи;
  • каньонинг (спуск по водопадам).

Опыт работы гидом свыше 15 лет.

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Ascents:Annapurna 2009

An incident of the expedition.


There was a call from Valery saying that last night 20 out of 30 porters left all their equipment and went back to Kathmandu. The reason for it was the fact that porters, hired by the agency, were not prepared for that type of work.


After getting up to the ridge (at about 3600 m), porters refused to go any further.


Valery, Viktor and the rest of the porters went down to the small village Lete leaving their equipment on the ridge under the supervision of the kitchen boy and two reliable porters. Most likely they would have to wait for the arrival of the porters of the Korean expedition and hire them. It would take them about 3 more days.


The weather is very unstable. It rains every day.

The porter.
The porter.

Deep in thought.
Deep in thought.

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