Mt. Dhaulagiri 8167m. New route on the West Face in alpine style.
Valery Babanov and Nickolay Totmyanin (SPetersburg) are planning a New route on the West face of Mt. Dhaulagiri in alpine style.
Jannu (7710m) North Face, alpine style
In a rope with Sergey Kofanov
Kunyang Chhish East (7400 м) и Pumari Chhish South (7350 м)
Ascent together with Patrick Delaney. Pakistan, summer 2006
Chomo Lonzo Main(7790m) West face in solo. Spring 2006
Chomo Lonzo Main(7790m) West face in solo. Spring 2006
Alaska, May 2005
Ascents with Raphael Slawinski in Alaska range
Nuptse East. South-east pillar, Nepal. Autumn 2003
"Moonlight sonata". In a rope with Yuri Koshelenko
Nuptse East. South-east pillar, Nepal. Spring 2003
Spring 2003. Attempt im a rope with Vladimir Suviga
Nuptse East, South-east pillar, Nepal
Long way to the second "Golden Ice axe"
Pik Meru, Himalaya. 2001
Spring - attempt autumn - first ascent, "Shambala" route
Alaska, Ruth gorge, Mt.Barille, June 8-13, 1999
Solo. "Forever more" - new route. Graded 6А. 900 m.
French Alps, Grandes Jorasses
Solo. North Face "Colour McIntyre" - 1996 Solo. North face, 1200 m, "Eldorado" route - 1999
National park Yosemite (USA) Solo ascents
Washington Collomne and El Capitan. 10-26 may 1996
14.12.2007 Jannu. West Pillar. To surpass oneself
Some short an extrac from long story about Jannu alpine first ascent.

05.04.2006 Spring 2006. New Himalayan epedition.
Solo ascent on Chomo-Lonzo`s Main (7790m) West face.

07.05.2005 Valeri Babanov & Mark Toth, May 5, 2005, Mt.Sir Douglas.NE face.
Canadian Rockies. Mount Sir Douglas in Kananaskis Country. Possible this is a new route (?).

13.04.2005 New routes up to mt.Andromeda
Valeri Babanov & Raphael Slawinski, April 10, 2005

26.03.2004 List of ascents

01.02.1998 Petit Dru. New route "Lena"
Valery Babanov and Yuri Koshelenko. February, 1998


24.04.2009 The decision has been made to end an expedition.

18.04.2009 News from Annapurna.

09.04.2009 April 8 - the day of rest.
Valery and Victor returned to the Base Camp after acclimatization ascent.

04.04.2009 Valery and Victor are in the Base Camp.
The way to the BC was very difficult: there was a lot of snow.

26.03.2009 An incident of the expedition.
The porters refused to go Annapurna BC.

24.03.2009 News from Valery and Victor from Lete.

21.03.2009 Valery and Victor are in Katmandu.

21.03.2009 Spring 2009. Annapurna West face expedition.
New project from Valery Babanov and Victor Afanasiev on Annapurna West face.

16.03.2009 Spring 2009. Annapurna
New route - direct of West Face. Annapurna (8091).

14.08.2008 The expedition is over.

04.08.2008 Here are the details about Valery Babanov and Victor Afanasiev ascent on Gasherbrum I on a new route of the SW face in alpine style.
“Our ascent was under the threat of failure; the stone has hit Viktor on a head."

02.08.2008 New route from Valery and Viktor on G-I.

31.07.2008 Details of Broad peak new route and plans.
Gasherbrum is on the way.

13.07.2008 We are up to 7 000 meters.

10.07.2008 The weather is Ok. We are at 6259 meters

09.07.2008 We start today!

06.07.2008 Acclimatization is over.

01.07.2008 Valery's team came down to Base Came.

27.06.2008 Expedition of Valery Babanov reached the Base Camp of Broad Peak.

18.06.2008 News from Pakistan

11.06.2008 International expedition for three 8000-meters peaks in Karakoram
Expedition objects are climbing three peaks in Karakoram: Broad peak (8047m), Gasherbrum I (8068m), Gasherbrum II (8035m).

07.06.2008 Valery Babanov and Nikolay Totmyanin on the summit of Dhaulagiri
May 1, 2008 Valery Babanov and Nikolay Totmyanin summited Dhaulagiri 8167m, via the NE ridge.

23.04.2008 April 21 –SMS from Valery and Nikolay.

18.04.2008 April 18 – Valery and Nikolay started to climb a new route of Dhaulagiri.
The new route will go on the west ridge of Dhaulagiri.

13.04.2008 The acclimatization process is over.
Valery and Nikolay climbed up to the 7100 m.

10.04.2008 April 9 – third acclimatization push.

05.04.2008 April 5, news from the expedition.

25.03.2008 SMS from Valery and Nikolay.

22.03.2008 In the Base Camp.

20.03.2008 SMS from Valery & Nikolay.

17.03.2008 News from Valery and Nikolay.

13.03.2008 Mt. Dhaulagiri 8167m. New route on the West Face in alpine style.
Valery Babanov and Nickolay Totmyanin are planning a New route on the West face of Mt. Dhaulagiri in alpine style.

23.10.2007 Finally they are in base camp!

21.10.2007 Summit! Today Valeri and Sergei were on the top of Jannu!

19.10.2007 Strongest winds agains BabanoFF-KofanoFF. Who is more cooll...

17.10.2007 Snow storms but they keep working

14.10.2007 Start! The first bivi at 5 500m!

14.10.2007 Tomorrow we will start. If we have not any surprises from he weather.

10.10.2007 Happy birthday to Olga!

09.10.2007 Tomorrow try up to snow at 5 600

07.10.2007 Merra is done

05.10.2007 Pik Merra ascent. Just for acclimatization
SMS from Valery Babanov and Sergey Kofanov

03.10.2007 5 days old Base Camp. The route chosen!

30.09.2007 Base camp opened. Snow and snow again

21.09.2007 Through the jungles to Jannu. SMS from Kofanov Sergey

17.09.2007 The way to Tapledzung

29.08.2007 Jannu (7710m) North Face: in a two-man team & alpine style
Choosing simple and fair methods of struggle a climber adds to new experience and affects - such his mental growth takes place.

22.06.2007 Our expedition is over.
My partner was psychologically unready for it.

18.06.2007 The process of acclimatization is completed.
So, now we are ready to climb Khunyang Chhish.

12.06.2007 Acclimatization and days of rest.
We need to get a good acclimatization (at least 6400 m)...

06.06.2007 The Base camp is organized.
Kuniang Chhish is very well seen right from the Base camp.

01.06.2007 First news from the expedition of Valery Babanov.
Today is a second day of our trip.

17.04.2007 Expedition to Karakoram. Pakistan.
Two enormous walls in Karakoram have been declared in the climbing permit.

16.06.2005 New route "Infinity Direct" on SW face of MacKinley.
Valeriy Babanov and Raphael Slawinski came back at home from Alaska.

09.06.2005 New route on the MacKinley South Face
Magic Direct for 14 hours

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